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cooldice23's Journal

12 July 1979
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absinthe, alaska, ambient music, anchorage, anime, arctic, asatru, attacks, aurora, backpacks, baha'i, bas rutten, bears, bikes, blades, blood, body modification, books, brains, brazilian jiu-jitsu, buddism, but especially downtempo electronica, cemeteries, christianity, churches, chute boxe, climbing, close combat, combat, cyberculture, cyberpunk, dark side, defense, denali, don frye, everything nonpop, exploring, fear, fighting, fights, first aid, first aid kits, freestyle wrestling, futurism, futurist, games, gaming, genes, genetic engineering, genetics, genome, genomics, gracie, gracie academy, grappling, greco-roman wrestling, hiking, hook and shoot, horror, horror movies, human genome project, infections, islam, jeet kune do, jeff monson, jiu-jitsu, judo, juneau, killing, knives, life, linux, mma, mmorpgs, mu*s, muay thai, muds, natural selection, nhb, no holds barred, northern lights, norway, online games, online rpgs, open minded people, open-minded, paganism, palmer, pancrase, pankration, piercings, police, posthuman, posthumanism, posthumanist, pride, pride fc, pride fighting championships, psychopharmacology, pvc, renzo gracie, rickson gracie, royce gracie, rpgs, ryan gracie, sambo, san shou, sean sherk, self defense, seward, sexuality, shootfighting, shooto, short hair, shot guns, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny puppy, smart drugs, snow, social darwinism, staying alive, submission fighting, submissions, sufism, survival, survival guides, surviving, swords, tactics, tattoos, telnet, the cure, the middle east, tools, truth, valdez, vale tudo, voodoo, wax, weapons, wildlife, wirehead, zombie horror, zombie hunting, zombie movies, zombies